Stittsville Dental Bridge Treatment

Restore Function of Missing Teeth with Dental Bridges in Stittsville

The most commonly used restoration for patients who are missing one or more teeth is the dental bridge in Stittsville, Ottawa. A Dental bridge is, in fact, a fixed partial denture (with one or more prosthetic teeth) that is permanently attached to the adjacent natural teeth. The permanent attachment provides good support and stability – far better than that of a removable partial denture. However, this type of restoration is not without its limitations.

One, it involves the manipulation (reduction in size) of adjacent, healthy teeth. Two, in the absence of a natural root system, the bone structure underneath the dental bridge is eventually likely to experience some bone resorbtion. Three, good oral hygiene is doubly important since food particles and bacteria can sometimes collect underneath the dental bridge Stittsville, causing problems such as gum disease.