About Capital Smiledocs

Opened in 2011, Capital Smiledocs is Stittsville’s newest “destination” for general dentistry. Located near the Tim Horton’s at the corner of Carp and Hazeldean, our location has quickly become a convenient stop for Stittsville commuters on their way to or from work. We selected the location with convenience in mind but built the centre with the provision of an exceptional dental care experience as the focal point.

The reception desk of Capital Smiledocs

Warm, professional and inviting

The minute that you walk through the doors, you will notice the difference. From the new, modern, stone accent wall, to the bright floral arrangements and the fully-stocked coffee bar, this office doesn’t have the cold and impersonal feel that you have come to expect. Many of our patients have confided to us that they make a point of coming early to their appointments just to enjoy some down time in their otherwise hectic days!

The waiting area of Capital Smiledocs

Down-time in the middle of the day

Efficiency and productivity have become the norm in people’s everyday lives. In keeping with that, we want to make sure that our patients can be doubly efficient during their time spent with us. How do we do that? Simple. We invite them to enjoy a cup of coffee while filling out forms. We also encourage them to catch up on the daily news or sports scores by watching the TV’s in the reception area as well as in each of our clinical rooms. With daily life being hectic as it is, we feel that sometimes it is nice to take time for ourselves – oh, and have a dental appointment at the same time!

An operatory at Capital Smiledocs

Informed & Friendly Dental Care

We offer a wide range of professional dental services at our centre. We try to ensure that these services truly reflect and cater to the needs of the community that we serve. Beyond that, we believe that being professional simply isn’t enough. We feel that it is imperative to deliver dental care in a warm, friendly and empathetic way – “with a smile”.

Finally, we don’t take it for granted that just because we know dentistry and the services that we provide that everyone has that same level of understanding. For that reason, we make sure that there is sufficient time scheduled in our appointments to allow for a dialogue whenever treatment is concerned. That way, we can take the time to explain the treatment options and answer any and all questions – clarity and transparency serve as the foundation for the trust-based relationship that we develop with all of our patients.